Pink Kitchen Returns!

September 15, 2008


A bigger, better Pink Kitchen awaits food lovers this October as the culinary gathering for a good cause
tickles your tastebuds with a world of flavors! Build your appetite with light snacks and drinks, but do
save space for the main course---this year's vendors include experts in Asian, Mediterranen and Fusion
cooking, plus all other cuisines in between. As for dessert, mouth-watering cakes, pastries, gelato , and
other sweet treats are the offerings of the most exciting part of any meal.

Led by Bettina Osmena, Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee, her team includes Beth Romualdez,
Chairman of Pink Kitchen, Libet Virata , heads the Marketing and Sponsorship team, Ina Vergel de Dios,
leads the Logistics team. Ria Romero is consultant for entertainment and marketing. Via Reyes and Jing
Racelis handle project management. Event styling by Joseph Claraval.