Guidelines for Collaboration and Corporate Tie-ups

  1. The corporation or organization that wants to partner with ICanServe must have been in business for at least
    three years and must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. Request for collaboration or tie up must be put in writing, addressed to the Committee on Advocacy and Collaboration. Please enclose company brochure, as well as reports on past collaborations that are similar in nature to the one that is proposed to ICanServe.
  3. The corporation or organization wanting to partner must be willing to sign a Memorandum of Agreement that will cover the parameters and conditions of the partnership including minimum assured contribution.
  4. Until a Memorandum of Agreement has been reached, the use of Information on Breast Cancer Service, and ICanServe Foundation name, logo or any of its licensed marks or names of programs is strictly prohibited. (Please note the pink ribbon is the universal symbol for breast cancer awareness and may be used without the permission of the ICanServe Foundation, or any foundation)
  5. With regards to a corporation or organization donating a percentage of the sale of a product, ICanServe requires full disclosure regarding the benefit to the organization on all packaging, advertising and promotional materials in clear and unambiguous terms. ICanServe can help provide information materials.
  6. The partner corporation, organization must agree to allow ICanServe reasonable access to books, records, and other pertinent information relative to the program/promotion, and to provide a final accounting report at the end of the program and/or partnership.
  7. If the campaign includes plans for an official spokesperson, the ICanServe foundation should be able to provide input in the selection of this individual to be certain that messages communicated are consistent with the foundation’s image and values.
  8. Should ICanServe require the use of a member of the ICanServe Foundation as host, guest, speaker and/or endorser, and propose a compensation package, clearance must be obtained from the foundation.
  9. The partnering corporation or organization must agree to publish the ICanServe Foundation’s hotline (+632.636.5578), website (, email helpline (, and provide consumers with breast health information.
  10. For percentage of sales on products, any amount can be donated to ICanServe as long as it is a minimum contribution of 15% of retail price or P50,000, whichever is bigger.
  11. For products for the collaboration, a sample must be provided for review of proposals involving a product. Drawings and/or photos clearly describing the product may be acceptable if product is in development.
  12. ICanServe cannot be associated with tobacco, excessive drinking, illegal drugs, products that harm the environment, products not approved by the Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Food and Drugs, companies and organizations that discriminate against sex, religion, race and companies with a controversial image.
  13. For event planning, at least 6 months is recommended as lead time. Should ICanServe have other activities that year that come in conflict or would cause difficulty in garnering the help of its volunteers, event will have to be postponed of cancelled.
  14. For outright donation where ICanServe does not help plan and implement the program, where the use of ICanServe will not be made known to the media, but known to the organizers and mentioned verbally in the event or by a small group to the guests, a minimum contribution of P 25,000.00 must be guaranteed.
  15. For collaborations on non-selling events, a minimum contribution will be stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement. However, this should at least cover the expenses ICanServe will incur.
  16. Should a partner back-out in the middle of the planning or implementation of a project, ICanServe may charge for expenses incurred up to that point.
  17. Volunteers of ICanServe are not expected to sell products or tickets. ICanServe cannot provide a mailing
    list of its members.
  18. Depending on the degree of participation of ICanServe in the planning of an event (selling or non-selling), and the kind of contribution to be made by the partner, the Memorandum of Agreement will stipulate how ICanServe will be introduced [e.g. "for the benefit of ICanServe," "ICanServe and (name of company) presents" etc.]
  19. For special events, selling or non-selling, ICanServe must have the option to have a booth at no extra cost to the foundation and be allowed to sell its fund raising products.
  20. For special events, selling or non-selling, ICanServe must have the option to have a booth at no extra cost to the foundation and be allowed to sell its fund raising products.
  21. ICanServe has regular flagships where corporations and organizations can come in. Usually, there is a donation structure in place. These events are: Silver Linings (the biggest homecoming and forum for breast cancer survivors), Tickled Pink (a bazaar of never been seen before high quality products), the book, "I Can Serve: A Network of People, Places and Services for the Philippine Breast Cancer Community", and in the works is the National Breast Cancer Screening Program pilot project.