Ms. World Philippines 2017 1st Princess Glyssa Leiann Perez, a volunteer of ICANSERVE Foundation and early breast cancer detection advocate, joined the recent consultative meeting of Kabahagi: Kabahaghari for the National Capital Region (NCR).

Kabahagi: Kabahaghari is an initiative of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) on the social inclusion of the urban poor LGBT community. The consultative meeting gathered stakeholders to share information and ask for a Pledge of Commitment. Also represented was the Philippine National AIDS Council.

Perez shared the ICANSERVE video, Ating Dibdibin, which teaches correct breast self-examination (BSE) and early breast cancer detection guidelines: At age 20, a woman should be familiar with her breasts, and start monthly BSE. At age 30, a woman should undergo annual clinical breast examination (CBE) by a trained health worker and continue with monthly BSE. At age 40, a woman should get a baseline mammogram, and continue with annual CBE and monthly BSE.

Male patients account for about 1% of breast cancer cases worldwide. Transgender women who never had a surgical sex change retain the same risks as men. Transgender women who have taken hormones may be at increased risk for breast cancer. Learn more breast cancer facts for transgender men and women here.

Perez also signed the PCUP Pledge of Commitment for the social inclusion of the urban poor LGBT community.


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