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I Can Serve Foundation (ICanServe) calls on corporate Philippines this October to join the fight against breast cancer.

An advocacy group of breast cancer survivors who promote early breast cancer detection, ICanServe launched Pink Positive, its 2013 fund-raiser that aims to bring early breast cancer detection programs to underserved communities around the country.

“Pink is not just a color. It symbolizes hope and support – a second chance for women who are fighting the battle against breast cancer. Through Pink Positive, we can work together to fight breast cancer,” says Libet Virata, chairman of the ICanServe board of trustees. Pink Positive rallies companies, and individuals, to do their part in ensuring that information and aid reach more women who are at risk for breast cancer. Companies are encouraged to donate through gold and silver sponsorships, and put up pledge walls in their offices to raise awareness among their workforce. Individuals may donate directly through the website, www.icanservefoundation.org.

ICanServe provides hope and help for breast cancer survivors by championing the importance of early breast cancer detection, increasing a woman’s chance for survival and decreasing cancer treatment protocol costs. It encourages women to fight ignorance and fear through various high-impact, multiplatform information campaigns.

ICanServe’s Ating Dibdibin is the country’s first and only comprehensive barangay based breast cancer screening program in the country. The program teaches barangay health workers early breast cancer detection techniques, while partnering with LGUs who commit to institutionalize and provide free or affordable diagnostics and cancer treatment.

Tang Singson, ICanServe president explains, “Ating Dibdibin tells women to take your breast care to heart. We want them to realize that early detection can save lives. This is especially important for women in indigent communities, who have no access to high tech equipment. Through Ating Dibdibin, we enlist the support of local governments to reach the women in their locales.”

Multi-awarded theater actress and singer Lea Salonga, an ICanServe advocate since 2007, generously agreed to be the face of the Pink Positive campaign, as her contribution to efforts toward early breast cancer detection. Salonga is currently a judge in the weekend TV-top-rater The Voice of the Philippines.

Do your part. Call the ICanServe hotline at 02 636 5578, or donate through www.icanservefoundation.org now.

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