Local skincare brand Skin Care for Hope and ICanServe Foundation have partnered to bring hope and healing to cancer patients through HOPE Project, Skin Care for Hope’s brand advocacy program.

HOPE Project aims to help cancer patients care for themselves and feel more confident and comfortable with their skin while undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Through its partnership with ICanServe Foundation, Skin Care for Hope will donate skin care bundles and inspirational books to cancer patient beneficiaries twice a year to bring hope and healing not only to their skin but also to their soul.

“Cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy can cause rashes and skin dryness that may lead to poor quality of life. As patients go through these treatments, they are advised to nourish their skin by using mild moisturizing cleansers and gentle moisturizing creams. Doing this regularly helps make skin cells more resilient, less dry and less itchy. The HOPE Project aims to provide chemotherapy and radiotherapy skin care bundles that support cancer patients in their journey towards healing,” says Dr Claire Habito, Skin Care for Hope President and CEO.

The skin care bundles will include Skin Care for Hope products that are gentle, moisturizing, and paraben-free, which are safe to use for all skin types of skin. The local skincare brand will also donate copies of the inspirational book “Staying Beautiful and Hopeful: A Cancer Patient Skin Care Guide”, which was authored by Skin Care for Hope President and CEO Dr. Claire Habito.

Skin Care for Hope believes in the well being of the skin and soul. As part of Skin Care for Hope’s advocacy, the said local brand is also inviting every Filipino to become part of their skin care community that aims to educate, inspire, and empower one another in practicing self-care with an all-natural skin care routine.

Skin Care for Hope is a local skincare brand that offers gentle and moisturizing products for all skin types. For more information on Skin Care for Hope, visit its website or Facebook page, and shop for Skin Care for Hope products at Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora.

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